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Rose Lavender Milk & Silk soap by Intrinsic Alchemist

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Here at Ancestral Herbals you’ll find only ALL natural soaps and moisturizers. These Luxurious, Artisanal, Hand Crafted soaps contain almost exclusively raw and organic, food grade ingredients. We’ve even sourced grass-fed beef and buffalo tallows for these soaps.

Each oil or fat we use in a soap has a specific purpose as does each of the many other ingredients that go into each of these Hand Crafted soaps. What they may lack in beauty or symmetry, they certainly make up for in their wholesome goodness and benefit to your skin.

For colorants, we use fruits and vegetables, herbal colorants as well as earth-based colorants such as iron oxides and micas. Earth clays are used for their specific properties – such as adding slip to shaving soap, and benefits – such as aiding in healing acne, as well as their gorgeous colors. There are no toxic chemical colorants used in any of our Hand Crafted products.

For scent, we primarily choose essential oils both for their medicinal and health-promoting properties as well as their beautiful scents. Once in a while, a beautiful fragrance oil is used – phthalate free, of course. While we do understand the draw of the artificial, yet often heady scents of perfumes and fragrance oils, we cannot in good conscience use them extensively. The skin, being the largest organ of the human body, absorbs an alarming amount of everything that is put on it. Yes, some natural substances can be harmful in high quantities, but why invite chemicals into the body when it’s isn’t absolutely necessary?

To add extra benefit for your skin and hair, we use many different ingredients, each with a specific purpose or use.

Silk – raw, wild crafted silk from vacated cocoons – it nourishes with added amino acids and contributes to the luxurious lather;

Milks – Buttermilk which is home made from an heirloom culture, Goat Milk, coconut milk and coconut cream – they all contribute to the fatty acid content which is good for your skin and hair; whey from our homemade cheese making adds protein, probiotics and an entirely different amino acid profile;

Beer contains B vitamins and saccharides, which help the skin retain moisture and speed up the natural healing process – cell renewal. It is also thought that beer yeast helps clear acne and improve skin’s elasticity.

Oatmeal soothes skin and contributes to cleansing; honey for it’s humectant and antimicrobial properties as well as it’s contribution to a beautiful lather.

Herbs and spices – such as nettle for hair; seeds and leaves; cocoa, coffee and teas, and vegetables from the earth and sea; algae extract imparts mineral and vitamin content as well as a soothing component to the lather.

Each soap has been meticulously formulated for a balance between cleansing and the skin-loving properties each ingredient imparts.

Many of our soaps are tallow based for the specific purpose that we believe tallow soaps to be superior skin care for some sensitive skins. Many of our soaps are coconut oil-free because some of us simply cannot use coconut oil-heavy soaps for long periods of time without the skin being excessively dried. We do make soaps with coconut oil! Just not ALL of our soaps are made with it. The soaps that are coconut oil-free do not produce big heady lathers, they still clean but do not dry the skin out.

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