All Natural Shampoo Bars

These lovelies are a layered delight!  Contain enough coconut oil to get you really clean, but not so much it strips you dry.  These were designed to be used to shampoo the hair, so they have hair-friendly ingredients such as silk, silk amino acids, wheat protein, nettle leaf, rice bran oil and meadowfoam seed oil.  They also contain tallow, algae extract (extra conditioning), mango butter, castor oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil and aloe.

Colored with herbs, each layer has it’s own delightful scent from essential oils – green is sage and rosemary, brown is lavender and lemon, yellow is citrus – when they combine, it’s a stimulating and indulgent scent!



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One thought on “All Natural Shampoo Bars

  1. I have been using Intrinsic Alchemist all natural shampoo bars for many months! Seriously, I will never buy store shampoo again. They expose you to all sorts of toxic chemicals and leave your hair feeling waxey and greasy in a day or two, whereas the all natural bars make my hair squeaky clean, and it stays that way for quite a while! I love the shampoo bars! They are truly the best product out there.

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