Coffee Soap – Unscented

Meticulously formulated with Freshly Ground Coffee, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Cocoa Butter, Whey and Silk to give you happy skin!

Made with freshly brewed coffee, freshly ground beans and cocoa, this one is almost edible.

It has zero added scent, so the natural fragrances of the coffee and chocolate come through, but lightly.  It has a bit of coconut oil added so that it cleanses deeply.  This is balanced out with the skin-loving and conditioning properties of goat milk, buttermilk, aloe, kaolin clay, algae extract, whey and silk.

Topped off with a fresh grate of dark coffee beans and a few flecks of gold mica here and there, this is truly a beautiful soap.


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2 thoughts on “Coffee Soap – Unscented

  1. Just tried this one this morning. This is very emollient! i felt like i had already applied baby oil to my skin as soon as i got out of the bathtub! I really like the coffee grounds at one end … in areas where i had rougher skin, i used that end to exfoliate more thoroughly. And this soap foams up REALLY NICELY with a mesh sponge. The darker layer is very soft and moisturizing; i rubbed it on my legs then on my sponge. Foamed up well but left my skin soft and smooth. VERY NICE!

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