All lathered up….

Dream AngelRecently, I had a semi-irate customer holler about how one of my no-coconut soaps didn’t produce an enormous, copious lather for her.  It got so heated and she refused to understand me.  She had purchased a soap that wasn’t ready to be used yet, she’d DEMANDED that I send it before it’s time and even though I explained that the suds wouldn’t be very high, she complained about the suds.

I decided to post this to explain to everyone UP FRONT about the Zero-coconut soaps.  Coconut oil is a wonderfully cleansing oil.  It produces beautiful high bubbly suds and it removes all the naturally occurring oils from your skin.  For those who already have dry skin, a coconut oil-based soap can be too drying.

This is the reason I formulated my low-coconut and zero-coconut soaps.   When these soaps are young, the suds are low – but they do still suds up.  As they age and harden, the suds do get a little higher.  But they are never super bubbly high sudsing soaps.  They get skin clean, but do not dry skin out.

I believe you’ll never have a nicer soap touch your skin… 🙂

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