Fresh Batch – Dog Shampoo Bar

This soap has such an AMAZING, herbal scent!  Every time I touch one of these bars, I enjoy the scent so very much.  Really thinking about making a less stringent herbal bar… but that will be another post.  

This formulation contains a decent amount of coconut oil (compared with other Intrinsic Alchemist soaps) and is quite stringent.  Originally intended for the canine members of our families, it really is a wonderful soap and I know some people who use it!  

Far and away one of the most popular soaps here, Dog Shampoo Bars are formulated to get Fido/Fifi clean without you having to work for DAYS to get the suds out of his/her fur!  Leaves coat shiny and soft and often alleviates dry, itchy skin when used regularly.

Even though this soap is quite a cleansing soap, it has organic aloe vera, jojoba oil and kaolin clay included to soothe skin.  The inclusions are organic rosemary leaves fresh from the garden, the scent is created with a unique blend of essential oils.

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