All About Our Soaps

Hi everyone!  

This is a quick blog post to let you know some details about these beautiful soaps.  

It’s very easy to make soap.  No, really, it is – especially if someone provides a tried and true recipe where all one needs to do is weigh out the ingredients and mix things up.  But that’s not what Intrinsic Alchemist is about.  Each ingredient that goes into these soaps has been carefully considered.  Each oil or fat, each additive.  Everything carefully formulated for each soap that is made to provide a certain amount of cleansing balanced with other properties that are desired – such as the detoxification provided by the Dead Sea Mud Soap.  The essential oils we choose to add to these soaps are chosen not just for their beautiful scent, but for their therapeutic properties as well.  Such as the calming, yet uplifting orange we chose for the Dead Sea Mud Soap.  

Because only all natural (read: NOT CHEMICAL) colorants are used in these soaps – such as activated charcoal, cocoa powder, alkanet root, etc., yes, sometimes they will put color on your washcloth.    I use white cotton washcloths and personally test every soap formula personally quite extensively.   I’ve yet to have a washcloth be stained up – it always washes right out – and I don’t use clorox anymore! 🙂 

So, YES, as you’re using it, some of these soaps may deposit some of their beautiful color on your washcloth.  It has, without exception, been easy for me to clean each and every time.  However, if you have some special wash cloth that’s made of something other than cotton or microfiber, test a small area first.  

These soaps MUST be allowed to dry out between uses to optimize their performance and life.  The optimal soap dish is one that allows water to drain away completely (our favorites are the inexpensive wooden ones).  If any soap sits in a puddle of water, it certainly will become slimy – as opposed to a ‘bath bar’ – which is code for CHEMICAL bar and not soap at all.  

I suppose life is full of give and take – to me, the benefit derived from these soaps is definitely worth putting up with some of the things that could be considered down-sides of all natural soaps.  We all live with our choices.   

Have a great day!


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