Great Giveaway, Prices and Promo Codes

The Great Giveaway is winding down.  We will accept entries right up to the drawing time, but that’s going to happen early on Monday, so get your entries in!  See this for the rules.

Entries that do not comply with the rules will be ignored.

After much work and consternation, the shopping cart is finally to our liking!  A LOT of hard work has gone into the pricing of these soaps – some people will be thinking “these can’t have all the good ingredients in them they say are here for THAT price” and others will be thinking “what?!? $4 for a bar of soap?!?”  We have a nifty little computer program that tracks our ingredient costs and suggests retail prices.

In honor of the Grand Re-Opening, there are two promo codes available.

10% Discount PWJ130712181015

Free Shipping PGW130712181002

They cannot be used together.  Free Shipping automatically kicks in on orders $30 and over.  These codes will expire on July 31, 2013.

 If you visit, you’ll see that there have been some new pages added – hover over ‘Contact’ at the top of the page.  You’ll be able to read more about Intrinsic Alchemist if you’ve a mind to.

Good luck!

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