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JsMy name is Julee.  I have two teenagers and a husband.   In 2003, I nearly perished from a pulmonary embolism.   In fact, the reason I did survive it was because I was so anemic.   My anemia was so severe, it took me several years just to get my iron levels near normal.  

Ever since, I’ve been on the path of learning about how the body really works, the best foods to eat, the nutrients we really need.  I learned how big of an impact chemicals have in our lives and on our bodies.  One step at a time, we’ve removed as many toxins from our lives as we possibly can.  My goal is for my children to never have to go through what I’ve gone through.

I grow as much of our food as I am able, we cook all of our meals from scratch,  make our own cleaners and try to avoid toxic chemicals as much as possible.

My great grandmother taught me how to make soap when I was a teenager.  She put me to stirring a big vat of soap.  As I stirred (forever), I thought “I’m never going to need to know this, why is she torturing me with it?”  Famous last words….  (And YES, I use a quite a bit of math in this, too…. so much for my laments during class “I’m NEVER going to use this”… )

Out of curiosity one day, I read the label on a bar of our favorite (at the time) bath soap.   I was shocked.  It was at that moment that I decided to make soap for my family.   It turns out that soap is a fairly decent medium for some artistic expression as well.   


Here at Intrinsic Alchemist, you will not find a bunch of soap made from one lone recipe, then chemically scented & colored differently.  Each and every Intrinsic Alchemist soap starts out as a concept on paper.  What is it’s purpose?  How will it benefit those who use it? While there is always a specific reason for the soap, there is often a very specific person (and their health concerns) on my mind.  The formulations take quite a bit of time to develop and perfect.   

I truly enjoy the effort that goes into each formulation.  I love the thought that these soaps have helped people.  Making them something beautiful is the ‘icing on the cake’!

I believe that if you choose to try an Intrinsic Alchemist soap, you’ll love it. 

Thank you for visiting Intrinsic Alchemist!

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