New Recipes Posted

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that there are a couple of new recipes posted on Intrinsic Alchemist!  

First up is  All  Purpose Spray Cleaner – I’m pretty sure I’ve already posted about this one – it’s a great general purpose cleaner that costs about $7.50 per gallon (calculated using Murphy’s Oil Soap in the quart bottle as the soap), but it’s still a lot cheaper than my former favorite (‘formula ###’ which was over $9 for 1/2 gal several years ago – no idea what it costs today) and doesn’t have the toxic chemical profile! 

See the Recipe here 

Next is Nana’s Homemade Spray Starch.  Having recently read a recipe for spray starch that does not include cooking the starch, I thought I’d share the recipe that my Nana used when she made her own spray starch.   This recipe can be scaled up or down – just keep your ratios the same and it will work.  Cooking the starch will prolong the life and it won’t need to be shaken as frequently during use.  Cost is excellent at around .22 cents per batch compared to $5 for 12oz of a pump spray starch and over $2 for 12oz (most are 20oz cans, so I did some math! :) oooooh) of an aerosolized spray starch.   See that Recipe here 

Have a great day! 

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