Does Your Dryer Have Balls?

dryerMine does, and it’s turned out to be a great thing!   These wool balls are hand made & sold by several folks on the net.  Heck, you may even know one in person! 🙂

They help your dryer get things dry faster and save electricity.  Do they REALLY woirk?  Yes, in my honest opinion, they do.   Towels seem to take forever in our dryer and putting 4 of these in with the latest load of towels (of course I’m going to break my new toys in with the most stringent test I can think of!) – I was truly amazed when my towels took only 75% as much time to dry as the load before the balls arrived.  Next up was a big load of jeans.  To my amazement, the jeans only took between 55 & 65 percent of the time they’d taken before the balls.   Note that I ran both these tests on days where the humidity was really high which usually makes drying times a bit longer.  Yes, the silly thing has an interior light which I thought was dumb at first, but now that the kids are full blown teens and are up at odd hours, it’s turned out to be a nice thing.

All in all, I’m very pleased with these and will get them again.  I assume the balls basically disappear a little at a time til you’ve basically got nothing left, since they’re made of wool.   Keep that in mind if you’ve got allergies.  I haven’t found a mass of fibers on any clothing.

I bought mine here – I have no affiliation with this seller, just had a good experience! 🙂 

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