Oatmeal Honey Almond Soap

OatmealHoneyAlmondToday, meet Oatmeal Honey Almond Soap.  This is a luxurious soap that is scented with a blend of essential oils and a little fragrance oil.  Now, I know some of you are saying ‘that’s not what Intrinsic Alchemist is about!’ and you’d be mostly right.  I prefer to use essential oils exclusively.  However, from time to time a fragrance oil comes along that is phthalate-free and so pretty, it just begs to be made into soap.  Sometimes, I smell scents and see colors (I know.. it’s ok.  I’ve been called nuts my whole life) – when I do, those colors almost always come to a vibrant life in these soaps.  And that is what happened with this soap.  

This is a mildly cleansing soap with just a little coconut oil.  It’s loaded with colloidal Oatmeal, raw organic honey and almond meal that I made with raw almonds.   To me, the scent is primarily almond, but the honey isn’t completely invisible!  The lather is low-ish on this one and the bottom & sides resemble honey comb.  Enriched with silk, goat milk, honey, milk, vitamin E and beeswax, this is a beautiful soap for gifting or for yourself. 


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One thought on “Oatmeal Honey Almond Soap

  1. I love this soap, it is visually beautiful, smells amazing and is very nurturing to the skin, pair it with the lotion bars and you will notice and instant transformation to your skin!! My decollete has not looked this good in years!!

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