Lotion Bars

Your skin is your body’s largest organ – most of us have heard that in recent years.  When I was growing up, no one really gave much thought to how much skin did or Lotion Bardid not absorb of what was put on it.  By the time I was a teenager, I fully believed the skin absorbed a LOT of what was put on it.  And what an ugly way to learn this:  I got gasoline all over one side of my body and wasn’t able to wash right away.  I got the smell of gasoline out of my clothing before I got it out of my skin and the headache lasted for 3 days.   I believed that my skin had absorbed a lot of gasoline and that caused the headache.   I got a good amount of negative feedback about that theory.  

Nowadays, it’s common knowledge that the skin absorbs what is put on it.  Indeed, there are many prescription medications which are delivered transdermally.  Two of the best ways to get Magnesium into your system is to use Magnesium Oil (which is really a brine, but it feels oily initially) or Magnesium Gel – both deliver a quick dose of Magnesium (magnesium plays a part in over 300 processes in the body!) right through the skin.  

So, long story short, your skin is absorbing some of EVERYTHING you put on it!  Now, with that in mind, go read some of the ingredients on a bottle of lotion….   Yeah.  Seriously.   We all run around ‘trusting’ that those products are ‘safe’, but are they really?  Especially when you get to looking around for some of the specific chemicals listed and what they’re used for and the potential harms they can cause….  Is your health REALLY that expendable to you?  Not to me.  I truly believe that if it’s not edible, then it shouldn’t go on the skin.  That is why these little gems were created.  

Plain and unassuming, our lotion bars don’t really look super pretty.  However, they’ve been meticulously formulated with Organic and raw ingredients to nurture lotionbar2the skin.  It took some time, but these have been perfected for ease of use in cold weather as well.   With a base of organic beeswax and organic coconut oil, enriched with cocoa butter, emu oil, shea & mango butters and lanolin, these are superior skin care.  They’re multi-use items, too – have had customers tell me they use these as eye brow wax, to sleek their pulled-back hair, as nose and/or paw wax on their pooches… the list goes on.  Believe it or don’t, these do NOT leave the skin feeling oily or greasy!  On top of all the goodness these impart to the skin, they also smell delectable!  

Lotion Bars are available with or without the tin – if you get one with the tin, save the tin and re-use it!  Lotion Bars are wrapped in heavy duty foil (recyclable) and the melting point is pretty low, so they can’t go in a pocket that is close to the body.  During the summer months in hot lotionbar3places like Arizona, these should probably be refrigerated.  We won’t even try to ship them during the summer, so if you LOVE these, make sure to stock up before the hot weather comes along.  

 Available here

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