Bay & Rum

BaynRum1Hi everyone!

Today, meet Bay & Rum.  🙂

It’s one of the Essential Oil/(phthalate-free) Fragrance Oil blends for the Holidays.  It’s a manly scent without being super strong.  The best way I can describe it is a Bay with a little rum, some oakmoss, citrus and wood.  Lots of mid-notes, not one of them a lot stronger than any of the others – it will certainly be nice on it’s own, but takes a back seat to any cologne or fragrance he might decide to wear.  (My husband likes this scent in the aftershave and deodorant I made for him.)   There’s a bit of bentonite to give a little slip – it can be used for shaving, if desired.  Colored with cocoa powder, minerals, and a little nutmeg.  Enriched with beer, vitamin-rich avocado oil, skin-pampering organic cocoa and shea butters, this one will be a real hit for all the guys on your gift list!

Available here

This is the last new soap that will be posted in time for holiday shopping.   Have a great day!

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