Just One More Thing…..

Anyone who has ever watched Columbo on TV has heard that line (he said it several times per episode).  Columbo used it to aggravate the wiley, intelligent murderer into making a mistake or saying something that would validate the detective’s notion that he knew who done it.   Today, I’m using it in a very different way.  For the last few months, it seems that life has been using that line on me nearly every day!  Schedule changes at jobs, class changes at school, doctors appointments, extracurricular activities, church activities – you name it.  Just when I’d get adjusted and think I had it well in hand, you guessed it – ‘just one more thing’.  It’s been testing, it’s been aggravating some days, but for the most part, it’s all been for very good reasons.    Some of it has been my own doing – deciding to study herbal medicine in the middle of the whole shebang (and not telling anyone because I didn’t want to hear “are you nuts? dontcha think you have enough going on?” LOL apparently not).  But it turns out that reading, studying and writing were all things I could do while sitting in the car, waiting.  So, not a total dingbat idea.  That’s why you got articles on probiotics and the lengthy update on my health (when I’m down, I make myself count my blessings and then I’m not down anymore – my health progress is a HUGE blessing!).

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the support and patience – it really was my goal to roll out some nifty and interesting stuff for Valentine’s Day, then by St. Patrick’s Day, I was down in the dumps – wondering if I’d ever have a little time to create anything!   (That’s when I started counting my blessings!)  Some of these beautiful soaps take nearly an entire day to create.  That isn’t even counting the hours spent calculating the recipes from an idea that often strikes me during the middle of the night or in the middle of a conversation.   This truly is a labor of love and one that I take seriously – keeping chemicals out of the equation is, I believe, one of the biggest aspects of my healing.  My thinking is that if I can keep chemicals out of my husband’s and children’s lives and educate them about nutrition, they will never get sick like I did.  And if telling my story and making my soaps available helps even one person, that’s a great thing.

The good news is I’ve gotten some soaps made!  YAY!  Stay tuned… more to follow!

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