Fresh Batches – Herbal and Laundry

OK, the first soap here is the Herbal Bar – we used to call it the Dog Shampoo Bar, but so many people loved it for themselves, we are just calling it  HerbalBarHerbal Bar.  It is VERY cleansing – which is what makes it great for the pooches!   It is also a great kitchen soap.  To me, the smell is heavenly and invigorating.  This soap doesn’t really have much of a superfat, only about 1 percent.  Enriched with cedar, thuja, spruce, rosemary and sage essential oils as well as aloe vera, jojoba and kaolin clay, this soap takes on life with a full one foot cutting from my organic Rosemary bush!  I love the way the house smells while this soap is curing.

It’s listed for sale here

Instructions for use on dog:  Wet down your dog, rub the bar of soap directly on the dog, rinse.  Repeat if necessary.  Use a washcloth on the dog’s face.  Soap stings the eyes.

Pregnant ladies should avoid prolonged exposure to this soap because of the rosemary.  Rosemary brings on the menses.


Laundry Soap is never out of stock.   These recent batches aren’t as white as previous batches – that is because the essential oil that is being used currently has a good amount of color in it.  It still cleans as well as ever, it’s just not pure white.  It’s listed on the Artisanal Soaps Available at the VERY BOTTOM OF THE PAGE – scroll down when you get there.

Coconut oil is great for laundry soap!

Coconut oil is great for laundry soap!

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