Happy New Year !

Hi everyone!  First, I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year – may yours be Healthy, Happy and 001Prosperous!

As most of you know, my mother passed away in August 2014.  We had a Celebration of Life for her on her birthday in November 2014.  Right around that time, I was diagnosed with reactivated (my Dr. used the word “raging”) Epstein Barr Virus.  It sounds innocuous enough, but it can be very harmful if allowed to run amok – causing a few different cancers as well as damaging/destroying other systems in the body.  I opted for a more intensive treatment in the hopes that I would feel a LOT better in a couple of months rather than dragging around half dead for 6-12 months.  The first month I kind of hobbled along, thinking ‘this is going to be OK’.  Right around Thanksgiving, things kicked in REALLY well and I CRASHED – was mostly asleep for over a month!

I’m up.   🙂

A lot of you are probably thinking “yeah, you weren’t feeling like crap – you memed the heck out of your facebook page”.   All I can say to that is cell phone apps have become very sophisticated… I made, posted and scheduled memes during my waking moments.  That’s why some of them look or sound like they’re echoes from the twilight zone…

At any rate, LOTS of interesting things came to mind while I was roosting resting on the couch for nearly 2 months!  Thank goodness for smart phones.  Think my over protective hubby kept hiding my pen and paper so I wouldn’t work – the Dr. did ORDER me to rest and he was going to see to it that I followed Dr.’s orders!  When he wasn’t looking, my notes were put into my cell phone.  🙂  They’ve been neatly (OK, scribbly) transcribed to paper for editing and further consideration before testing formulations.

Pretty much everything is out of stock – one of the first things on the TO DO list is to get stuff made.  If there’s anything that any of you need sooner rather than later, feel free to shoot me an email or message on facebook!

Have a great day!

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