Essential Oil Blend for sores/outbreaks

Some of you know about my struggle during November-January with Epstein Barr Virus. What I did not tell many people about is the fact that the virus had gone so far that it started expressing itself in these SoreHealEOlittle sores on my body.  Epstein Barr is a member of the Herpes family.  There are several viruses in the Herpes family including the variant that produces cold sores as well as the one that causes the STD.  One of the lesser known variants is Herpes Gladiatorum – found most often in wrestlers and those who frequent the gym regularly, Gladiatorum expresses itself with little blisters, then the blisters pop and the resulting area looks a little like a ringworm.  I don’t know that my sores were Gladiatorum or EBV, they didn’t always have the blisters, but this blend worked great on my outbreaks!

This essential oil blend in a roller bottle brings a lot of relief and helps these heal pretty quickly.

10 drops Rosemary EO
10 drops Sage EO
10 drops Basil EO
10 drops Lemon Balm (Melissa) EO
10 drops Juniper EO
10 drops Thyme EO
10 drops Geranium EO

2-10 drops Frankincense EO (Optional – I ended up using 10 drops for my situation)

into a roller ball, fill with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil – leaving a little room at the top in case you decide to add another oil, or more of any certain oil

Optional additions:

10 drops Oregano EO
10 drops Myrrh EO
(if the condition needs heavy antibacterial action, use both)

I keep my bottle at my bedside so that I can use it on the spots before trying to sleep – they can be itchy or hot enough to interrupt sleep.

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