THE Muscle Rub

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Muscle Rub is one of the best selling products here at Ancestral Herbals.  It is also one of my favorite creations – I use it too!  I love that people who use it get such benefit.  It sells as fast as I can make it.

The tins we used to use were very attractive, but there were quite a number of complaints from folks – especially those with arthritis in their hands – having trouble getting the lids off the tins.  Despite the fact that some had trouble getting the lid off the tin, once the muscle rub was melted, that tin lid might as well have been full of holes for all the leakage that occurred.

Because of the essential oil content of the muscle rub, it has a fairly low melting point. If it gets hot enough to melt, it is able to escape the tin.  While one may be able to scrape enough back together again to use, the essential oils will likely have escaped into vapor forever, leaving an inferior product.

Enter these beautiful little amber glass jars.  They have a lined lid and don’t allow leakage.

They hold the same amount – 1.6 ounce.  They have now made it through successful testing in the Arizona heat this summer!

And for those of you who use a LOT, I have available the Muscle Rub in jelly jars (contains more than double the amount of the little jar).  With an easy to remove white lid.  You’ll still have to deal with the seal and ring on your initial use, however.

Get yours here

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