Soothing Herbal Salve

My beautiful kids got one of the best Christmas gifts for me ever.  A little crock pot just for my Herbal HealSalvmedwork.

Infusing oils with herbs in a crock pot (instead of a canning jar in the kitchen window) actually makes the process a little quicker – in my opinion, it also makes the infusion stronger.  At least it does the way I do it.  🙂

Healing Salve, also known as Baby Balm is one of those must-have items whether you’re going to use it for the occasional burn from working in the kitchen, the baby’s rare diaper rash, or just to have in your first aid kit.

So far, this stuff has been used with great success for burns, diaper rash, scrapes, extra dry flakey skin on radiation and chemo patients, calluses, wounds, sore noses, and even the dog and cats.

I gashed my shin with the car door and was so amazed at how quickly it healed with the regular application of the Healing Salve, I really wished I’d thought to take pics… although the gash was pretty ugly – you probably wouldn’t want to see pics of that!

Olive oil meticulously infused with Calendula, Comfrey root, Comfrey leaf, St. Johns Wort, arnica, echinacea, Raw, Organic Cocoa Butter, Raw Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Lanolin, Organic Lavender Essential Oil.

I love this salve – it smells like heaven to me, especially before I add the essential oil.  It’s an earthy, green smell that makes me happy.  This is my go to for many, many things.  My husband and children all use the heck out of this one, too.

This one is available in 3 sizes as well as a sample size.


Get it here

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