Scrubby Stix© – Lemon Carrot Poppy Seed

Hi everyone!

The Sunny Lemon Carrot was VERY well received (we won’t discuss how long it’s been since I madeScrubbyStix that one, OK?)!

Nearly everyone who used it mentioned that the poppy seeds should have been MORE than just decorative.

I wish I could say this to everyone all the time (but I’d get worn out completely because my time, energy and resources are limited – some days they seem nonexistent)-

“As you have wished it, so it shall be”  

(insert nose twitch or pony tail flip or exaggerated eye blink here)

I combined that lovely formula with an idea that’s been brewing for a while.

Enter Scrubby Stix©. Lemon Carrot Poppy Seed soap is a beautiful, low-coconut formula made with silk, goat milk, homemade organic buttermilk, organic honey, organic red palm oil, puréed organic carrots and the zest & juice of an entire organic lemon from a local tree!

The carrots offer their vitamins and minerals to the beauty of this soap – they also contribute to the beautiful, sunny color.  The lemon lends it’s share of vitamins and minerals as well as it’s heavenly SCENT!  An abundance of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and probiotics from the Goat Milk, honey and Buttermilk.  The organic red palm oil gives vitamins E and A as well as contributing to the color.  Vitamin-rich Avocado oil infused with Annatto seeds was the final contribution to the color of this soap.   With beautiful food grade poppy seeds, fine pumice and organic ground walnut shells all through the bar, this is  a VERY scrubby experience!

Super fat of about 6%  – this is a beautiful, beautiful soap.  There are two sizes right now – Large (6 oz and over) and Small (4-5+oz).  They’ll be available for sale here.

Crafted with Beef and Buffalo Tallows, sustainable organic red palm oil, organic coconut oil, olive oil, raw organic cocoa butter, raw organic shea butter, castor oil, organic carrot purée, organic homemade buttermilk, organic Avocado oil infused with annatto seeds, goat milk, almond oil, glycerine, poppy seeds, organic ground walnut shells, fine pumice powder, essential oils.


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