Stuff you should know….

IAlogofbpg1.  ONE CANNOT MAKE SOAP WITHOUT LYE.  If someone is ‘making’ soap but they never deal with lye, they’re using melt and pour soap.  Basically, with melt and pour, one buys soft bar soap someone else made, melts it, adds ingredients, then molds it.

2.  There is no such thing as ORGANIC soap.  Most who claim to make ‘organic’ soap are the above mentioned melters and pourers.  LOL  Lye can be made food grade, but not ‘organic’ in the current definition of the word.  So even though every other ingredient in the soap may be organic, I do not call my soap ‘Organic’ because I use lye that cannot be called ‘organic’.

3.  Each formulation here is different.  I sit down and formulate EVERY single product here.  I don’t buyJulee'sLab pre-made bases and add stuff to them then call them mine.  Everything is made from scratch with formulations that come out of my head.  I do the math, test the products – if they don’t kill me (LOL), then I ask family members and friends to try the products.

4.  My prices are as low as they can go.  I am not gouging.  In fact, comparable products utilizing comparable ingredients are much more expensive – two to three times more expensive.  I use the very best ingredients I can get my hands on and these ingredients are not cheap.  I try to keep things as affordable as possible because I know, especially in certain instances, there are people who need certain products and have a hard time affording them.

5.  I’m not working as fast as I used to/would like to.  Things go from the idea to the product about as fast as I can make it happen right now.  Which, unfortunately, is not just a couple days.  As I heal, I hope this improves.  Until then, it’s just kind of slow.

6.  Shipping is now 1-2 times per week instead of daily.  Monday and Thursday.

7.  I LOVE that you LOVE this stuff!  And it lights my fire to hear your stories about how well something has worked for you!  Never hesitate to share.  🙂



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