Baby Soap!

Able to clean whatever mess your baby may make, yet so very gentle, it won’t dry baby’s skin!  babySoap815

Like many of our other soaps, this is a traditional recipe that’s been re-formulated for optimal performance.  

This most recent formula got reworked while I was bedridden during the winter.  My body needed the rest desperately, but my brain kept wiggling, so I found things to do that did not require movement.  Grabbed a bunch of my soap files and wrote notes that often started with “What if….”  Once I was able to actually work on the numbers, I fleshed out many of my ‘What if’s!  This re-worked Baby Soap is one of them.  

While we still have a little lard in this one to stay close to tradition, we’ve also added skin-loving beef and buffalo tallows as well as organic hemp,  avocado and jojoba oils, then organic lavender essential oil for a gentle, calming scent.

Formulated to a 6% super fat, this soap is a favorite among many, many grown folks as well!  Offered  here.



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