Ordering Info

There is more than one way to order here at Intrinsic Alchemist!

One, you can click ‘Buy Now” on any available item, click continue shopping to add more items to your cart, then Check out.

Once you’re in the checkout area, you’ve got several choices as shown below:


The first choice, Payment by Credit Card – you enter your credit card information in the secure interface and I process the card manually. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.

The second choice, Payment by PayPal – you either log in to your pay pal account or enter your card information in the PayPal interface and the card is processed by PayPal.  I do understand that not everyone is thrilled with PayPal, however, so there are other options to choose from!

The third choice, Money Order – you choose this option, I send you the information on where to send your money order.  Once the funds arrive, your order ships.

The fourth choice, PayPal Invoice w/Terms – this option is usually used with full Loaf orders.  You place your order, choose this option, a certain amount, usually 50% of the total, is paid immediately with the remainder due upon shipment.

The fifth choice, Please Send Invoice CC – you choose this option, then I prepare an identical invoice through my credit card processor and send it to your email address.  The interface is secure and the payment is fast and easy.

If you’re international, please choose the Money Order option.  I will only charge exact shipping, but need to calculate it first according to your location.

Have a great day!

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