Interested in making your own soap?

somethingbluenewOne of my most favorite things about making soap is the calculation of the formula.  I absolutely love to figure out how much of each oil should go into a certain formulation, what additives ‘fit’, I sketch out how I’d like it to look, even.  There are some formulations that never get off the ground for one reason or another, others that can’t get made fast enough to suit me.  I love doing this from the first idea of a product right to meeting the person who buys it.

I’ve talked to several people who have expressed an interest in making their own soap. The things that hold them back seem to be the following:

1. Difficulty in figuring out a recipe.
2. Not really knowing exactly which steps to take
3. Afraid of Lye.

We will address number 3 first.  Lye is only as dangerous as you make it.  If you take steps to protect yourself (gloves, safety glasses), use non-reactive utensils and containers (plastic, stainless steel) and always, always, ALWAYS pour your lye into your water, the lye will not hurt you.

While I know many people who get all separate utensils for making soap, I don’t.  I use the same pots we eat out of to make soap and they’ve never been cleaner!  EXCEPT in the cases when someone has made a special order for a batch of soap that contains a very heavy fragrance oil (i.e., one that I wouldn’t normally use as I choose those which are not-so-toxic).  Some of those fragrance oils take 2 or 3 batches of laundry soap or liquid soap to get the smell out of the pot!  (It seems to me that the fragrance oils that have the most toxic ingredients also take the longest to get out.) So, if you’re going to use fragrance oils in your soaps all the time, getting separate items to make soap is probably a good idea.

Now, the main point to this post:  I can help you with 1 and 2.  You can let me know what kind of soap you want, the oils and additions (goat milk, etc) you’d like to use and I will formulate a recipe for you. Then give you a step by step tutorial on how to make it.  Just send an email with your information.




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