Shaving Cream Soap

Cream Soap is a subject most people don’t know a lot about.  There are few recipes from the late 1800’s ShaveCreamthrough early 1900’s in print and not a whole lot of information written down.   It grieves me some that many of the products out there calling themselves ‘cream soap’ are really just whipped up dish soap with stabilizing chemicals.

As I made my way through the ‘mystery’ of Cream Soap, any family and friends who were interested and willing got Cream Soap to try out in order to give me feedback.  The feedback helped me improve the formula each time.  My husband hasn’t bought commercial shaving products for more than 5 years now.

Cream Soap is a cooked soap made with fats and oils high in stearic acid, two different types of lye, glycerin, aloe vera, vitamin E, oils for conditioning and other properties (each oil has something different to offer to the soap – cleansing, conditioning, lather, hardness, stability), and super creamed while the soap is still hot.  Then it’s got to rest.  This resting period is also called “The Rot” even though there is nothing going bad!  Like many other things, this soap just gets better with age.

I flat refuse to put fragrance oils in Shaving Cream soap.  This soap sits on the skin for a time and the act of shaving can disrupt the surface of the skin, making it more apt to absorb anything in the soap, this Shaving Cream will always only have essential oils or be unscented.

Right now, this is available in the following scents:
Unscented (for those who prefer no scent or wish to add their own essential oil or blend)
Sandalwood Citrus (earthy, rich sandalwood balanced with orange and grapefruit)
Cocoa Orange Spice (cocoa, orange and spices – smells like an orange with cloves in it next to a cup of hot cocoa)
Lemon Eucalyptus (the crisp, clean scent of lemon on balance with eucalyptus)
Rose Geranium (Rose and Geranium Essential oils blended to perfection)
Forest (very green/herbacious scent created with sage, cedar and evergreen essential oils)
Lavender (Lavender essential oil is soothing and cleansing)
Spice Bay (Bay, Spices and Rum – think old spice with a twist of lime)

There has been a page created for Men’s items and all these are listed there as well as on the soap page – as you can see, however, the scents available are not exclusive to men nor to women.

If you have an essential oil or blend you’d like used in your cream soap, don’t hesitate to contact me!  I’m happy to work with you.

Get your Shave Cream Here and here


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One thought on “Shaving Cream Soap

  1. I recently started using the Shaving Cream Soap and it is by far the best shaving product I have ever used. It conditions and leaves my skin smooth and razor irritation free. I have the sandalwood citrus version and it smells incredible. I am already ordering my second batch so I make sure I never run out of this out of this world skin product. awesome Job Julee, keep up the good work.

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