Aftershave Balm

This is a pic of an empty bottle for a place holder! Every time I get this made up, they go so fast and I forget to take a pic. Will be replaced soon. 🙂

Hi everyone!

Today, I bring to you Aftershave Balm.  This is not a lotion, but a balm made with witch hazel (a botanical astringent) and Organic Aloe Vera to help alleviate any discomfort from razor burn or nicks and to encourage healing of the skin.

This is completely made from scratch – I even make the witch hazel extract from organic witch hazel and rum.  Enriched with Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Argan oil, vegetable glycerin and scented with essential oils and botanicals.

Because this is left on the skin, there will be no versions available with fragrance oils, and essential oils will be used lightly.

Unscented (for those who prefer no scent or wish to add their own essential oil or blend)
Sandalwood Citrus (earthy, rich sandalwood balanced with orange and grapefruit)
Cocoa Orange Spice (cocoa, orange and spices – smells like an orange with cloves in it next to a cup of hot cocoa)
Lemon Eucalyptus (the crisp, clean scent of lemon on balance with eucalyptus)
Rose Geranium (Rose and Geranium Essential oils blended to perfection)
Forest (very green/herbacious scent created with sage, cedar and evergreen essential oils)
Lavender (Lavender essential oil is soothing)
Spice Bay (Bay, Spices and Rum – think old spice with a twist of lime)

Get yours here 

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