Rustico Shave Soap

The scents of citrus, spices and chocolate dominate this beautiful soap, making it pleasing to pretty much everyone who has tried it!   Made with beef and buffalo tallows, New Planet gluten free beer, skin-loving aloe, home made organic buttermilk, goat milk, raw local honey, castor oil, shea butter, and silk, it’s conditioning as well as cleansing.  It has plenty of bentonite clay for good razor slip during the shave.

The scent is from a beautiful blend of essential oils and spices, the beautiful color is from chocolate.  This soap has left color on a washcloth a time or two.  However, that washes right out for me.  I use a different soap and lather the washcloth up while still in the shower (I shave first and wash second), wash the rest of my bod and when I rinse the washcloth, the color marks are gone.  So far, it hasn’t colored my husband’s badger brush and I’ve had no complaints.  🙂


The pucks are right at 3″ in diameter and should fit most shaving cups.  However, it’s fairly easy to whittle down to size if the soap is too big.

Get yours here

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