Soothing Herbal Solid Lotion

Hi everyone!

My apologies for not posting much lately.  In November, I tripped and broke the 5th metatarsal in my RIGHT foot!  Three days after the break, I was in outpatient surgery to have a big screw put in.  AfterFullSizeRender getting the bill, I’m kind of thinking that a couple of sticks and some duct tape may have been the way to go.  Kidding.  Sort of.  🙂

During the big rest for the foot, a thought came to me.  There are many of you who are fans of the Healing Salve and indeed, it is one of my favorites, too.  The actives in that salve are St. John’s Wort, Calendula and Comfrey.  Fine organic olive oil is used to steep the herbs, then the oil is used to make the salve.

Our lotion bars here are a super favorite too – many people order up a year’s worth every winter.  Because they are formulated to melt easily into the skin pretty much on contact, they can’t be shipped in the summer.  HealingSolidLotion

I mixed it up and a combined them, incorporating the best of each.  Then put it into a twist up applicator. Healing Solid Lotion is a superb blend of the Healing Oil, raw organic cocoa butter, lanolin, emu oil, organic shea butter, and Vitamin E.

The small ones are .75 oz and the large ones are 2 oz.  Get yours here.


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