Super Emollient Cream

Hi everyone!img_2063
Some of you are already fans of Super Emollient Cream.  Some of you haven’t tried it yet.  🙂
In the beginning, I pretty much used canning jars for this lotion exclusively.  Then I found pumps to put on the canning jars and people were excited about that.  When I started doing Farmers Markets, however, many people wanted to be able to take a little with them easily and many had airline-imposed weight restrictions.  So, I found squeeze bottles and tried those out.
img_2059 It was a love/hate thing.  I like the way the 4 ounce squeeze looked just fine, but the 8 ounce really didn’t fit the way I wanted my product line to look.  And everyone who buys my products at the markets seems to agree with their money – the 4 ounce squeeze bottles fly away as fast as I can make them (a gallon every week) and the 8 ounce pretty much sit there til someone desperate enough for lotion comes by after all the other containers are sold off.   But I do realize there are a lot of people who do want more than 4 ounces, yet still don’t want the glass jar.  So I hunted around and found these 8 ounce pumps in plastic.  So beautiful!
The first people to experience these at a market thought so too – all but one sold off in the first couple of hours.  I had to hold one back for an online order that came in while I was at the market.
Get yours here
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