Travel Sets

These have been a surprise hit at the Markets!   I have a dear friend who makes the bags for these, and they go about as fast as we can put them together.   The price is $15.  In the photo to the right, there is a set all put together on the left.  On the right in the photo is a bag disassembled – the generous sample of Avocado Aloe bar is standing up behind the jars.  Below, you’ll see a closeup of the products usually included in the Travel Set.   All products, except the Avocado Aloe Soap, come in a .25oz double wall plastic container.

1 – super emollient cream, 1 – Healing Salve, 1 – Sunscreen,
1 – muscle rub, 1 – healing body butter, 1 – nail/cuticle cream, 1 – glucosamine msm pain cream, 1 – TLCream, 1 – travel size Avocado Aloe soap.

That’s 9 products!  It’s a great way to get to know Ancestral Herbals.

Now for fun.  🙂  All of that, PLUS a travel size Bison Balm – Medicine Woman is $20!


Get yours here

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