Castile Soap – liquid body wash/shampoo and bars

So, you think that stuff with ‘Dr.’ in the name is REAL castile soap?



True Castile soap is soap made with olive oil ONLY.  So, while the good Dr.’s soap may be all vegetable oils, all vegetable oil soap does not a castile soap make. 🙂  In fact, the ingredients on both the bar and the liquid soap list coconut oil FIRST, meaning that there is more coconut oil in them than the other oils. In both the bar and liquid, olive oil is down in the FIFTH position on the ingredient on the list.

So what?

Well, first of all, coconut oil saponifies into an extremely cleansing soap – in fact the detergent SLS/SLES found in dish detergent and most shampoos is coconut oil based.  That means that here in the Southwest, where we all battle dry skin at some point in our lives (most of us our entire life), the coconut oil isn’t the best idea for cleaning. It strips the top layer of oil off the skin, leaving it vulnerable to the elements.

If you’ve ever visited my booth during a market or event, you’ve no doubt heard me talk about how soap made with coconut oil can be so very drying and how soaps made without coconut oil are so nice and kind to the skin! TRUE castile soap is soap made with Olive Oil ONLY and that is EXACTLY what we have here. Bar soaps and liquid soap made with Olive Oil ONLY. It’s gentle to your skin, easy on your hair and will not dry either out.  I’ve been using  both the True Castile liquid soap and True Castile bar soap as my shampoo on my dry, curly hair and they’ve both performed extremely well – I’ve got to say, I’m impressed with both, but prefer True Castile Liquid in my hair.  I’m so pleased and I believe you will be too.

The True Castile bars are enriched with dandelion leaves and lemongrass essential oil.

True Castile Liquid is unscented. Feel free to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you’d like.

Get yours here.

If you want a liquid soap that is good for laundry, cleaning your house and such, my Super Clean Shreds or Super Clean Liquid soap is the best! Stay tuned for info.
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