All Veg Options

Hi everyone!

There’s some new items here at Ancestral Herbals.  Vegan-friendly stuff. 🙂 

Vegan Dandelion Salve – Organic Olive oil double infused with Dandelion flowers, then made into a salve with Candelilla wax and ginger essential oil.

Healing Salve – All Veg – Organic Olive oil infused with St. Johns Wort, Comfrey, Arnica, etc., and made into a salve with Candelilla and a little lavender essential oil.

Vegan Lotion Bar – Smells like chocolate!

Deodorant – vegan friendly.  Currently scented with Organic Lemongrass essential oil, but I’m thinking an unscented version may be in order. 🙂  get it here

The new Healing Aloe Cream is also All-veg/Vegan Friendly as it is made with an olive-based emulsifier that is Eco Cert approved for use in Organic Food products. 🙂

Check these out on the new Vegan Product page here

As far as soaps go, there are a few all-veg choices available.  They’ll always say “all veg” somewhere in the title or description.  I’m sure you’ll find that the all-veg options are superior! 🙂

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