Love and Acceptance

img_1112Lately, love & acceptance seems to be a recurring theme for me.  I accept and respect different people and their ways as they come – everyone has their ways.  And I do so right up to a point.  No, it’s not a judgment point for me.  It is the point at which someone and their ways become destructive in my household or too negative to take in large doses.

  • Those people who, while professing to be loving and caring, drive a knife between your ribs – ‘I love you to your face, but when your back is turned, I’m talking long shit about you and doing things to sabotage you.’
  • Those people who, while professing to be loving and caring, only have calumnious criticisms for you or your loved ones. ‘ I love you and think the world of you, but you can’t do a fucking thing ‘right, i.e., my way’.’
  • Those people who, while professing to love you, only strive to control you, take from you or think they can get away with something.

There are many more toxic examples; the above are just ones I’ve encountered lately.  While most of these, especially the liars and two-facers, are annoying, manipulation and control are hot buttons for me.

Now, this is not without exception – some creature in true, dire need, for instance.  They don’t realize how transparent they are and really, is a few dollars here and there a huge hit on me?  No – addiction is a sad state wherein manipulation is a coping mechanism and those people aren’t really included in this missive.

Apparently, because I am the type of person who accepts and respects enough to let people be themselves without criticism, without judgment, without trying to change them, etc., some people interpret this as stupidity.  Seriously.  And some people, when they believe they’re smarter than their ‘target’, actually announce themselves and show their objective (to change, control, take or steal from, have a daily reason to complain, criticize, judge, etc).  My response, to be honest, is incredulity.

I have a hard time believing people actually are so disrespectful of MY ways that they’d try to impose their ways upon me or my family.  But they really do this.  And there, my friends, is the line.  Because I am accepting of others’ ways, I fully EXPECT them to be accepting and respectful as well.  When they aren’t, especially while they are professing their great love for me, I am SO very disappointed.

This is where I stop.  No anger, no criticism, no judgment, and no discussion – seriously, it’s not my job or desire to CHANGE you.  If you haven’t even tried to learn enough to be on a level where every word coming out of your mouth is not an abuse, criticism, complaint or lament, I hope and pray that you’re able someday to see this clearly – it’s toxic for you and for everyone you inflict yourself upon around you.  Not just emotionally toxic, but physically taxing as well (yes, I respond physically to negativity).

Yes. You have your ways, and I truly do respect you and accept that you have your ways.  But I don’t have to live with them being imposed on me or my family as part of my daily life.  This is me, saying ‘No, Thank you’ to the negativity, control, manipulation and to the darkness that comes with them.


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