All the COOL new stuff!

Ok, there’s a few new things here at Ancestral Herbals.  I had a blast of creativity run through me and made these, then tested them myself and on my family because there simply wasn’t time to put out a call for testers before the 4th Avenue Street Fair here in Tucson.  So these all made their debut at the Street Fair.  We all had a pretty good time at the fair.  img_1352

First up is the Really Gorgeous Face Cream.  It’s a non-oily finishing, nutrient dense cream that should be suitable for use under makeup even.  The Fair was 3 days long.  A customer bought this on Friday, then came back on Saturday to tell me how much she loved it and then came back on Sunday with a friend and got more!  It’s got Ylang Ylang and Rosewood Essential Oils.  2.5 oz tub for $20.00   Get yours here

img_1374Next up is In All Your Glory Face Oil.  Made with Tamanu oil as a base, this is no sloucher when it comes to treating your skin right!  It’s also got Olive Squalane and vitamin-rich pumpkin seed and avocado oils.  The essential oil blend is complex, yet it is also a treatment in itself – Helichrysum, Ylang Ylang, Gardenia, Geranium, Sandalwood, Rose, etc.  Delectable.

1 ounce pump $25; 1/2 ounce dropper $15  Get yours here


Aglow is a fine hand-made cream soap (soap made with two kinds of lye, super fatted and super creamed!) with microdermabrasion crystals.  Don’t over do this one – once a week should be good for anyone.   $13  Get yours here


Last, but far from least is the beautiful Frankincense and Myrrh soap being offered this year.  A True Castile base (olive oil only) with Frankincense resin and essential oil, Myrrh resin and essential oil along with a good helping of sandalwood essential oil to round out the beautiful scent.  There is a limited number of these bars available and once they’re gone, the only way to get them is to wait til next Christmas or special order a 5lb batch.  $8  Get yours here


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