New Calendar for Markets and Events

Hi Everyone!

I’ve created a new calendar for markets and events.  As I add to this calendar, they will show up automatically in the right hand margin of this website.

Here is the link for you to access the calendar.  I can add event and market information on the go – sometimes, I am so busy I forget to post about the markets or events we will be at.  It is my hope that this will be a good replacement for those posts that aren’t getting done regularly.

Remineralizing Tooth Powders

I’ve been making tooth powders and tooth pastes for a few years now – for myself and my family.
A customer came to my table at an event and asked me about tooth powders. He had been paying the insane price being charged by another company (seriously, when you charge PER UNIT what it would cost that person to buy stuff and make their own entire BATCH, I call that gouging!) and was interested in buying LOCAL.

I powdered organic peppermint leaves and used peppermint essential oil. As time marches on, there may be other flavors such as cinnamon, but for now, peppermint is the flavor.
There is a little xylitol in this – it has been shown to be good for the teeth when used in a brushing preparation.
Calcium Bentonite Clay as well as a full complement of minerals may help with remineralizing the teeth. Please remember, consumption of high amounts of sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup, causes the body to spend minerals to process and THAT is how sugars affect tooth decay. Once the excessive consumption of sugars has created a mineral deficiency, the body starts raiding minerals from what it considers an ‘expendable’ source – the teeth. 
In order for the body to absorb and utilize calcium, there must be magnesium and phosphorus present. The minerals hold each other in ratio in the body, so a deficiency in magnesium will encourage deficiencies in the other major minerals. This is why I’ve gone to the trouble of adding ALL the major minerals (Calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus) to this preparation in the hopes that it will truly help.

The whitening formula has food grade activated charcoal from a hard wood source and both contain Myrrh powder for it’s antibacterial properties.

Each jar comes with a scoop to apply the powder to your moistened tooth brush.  1oz – get yours here.


Wine Soap

What?  Wine? In soap?

YES!  And you’ll never believe how NICE it is.  You’ll notice that there are two different colors – that’s because there are two different soaps here.  The lighter soap is made with Merlot and can be used as a solid shampoo. The darker soap is Cabernet and has a lot of clay in it – it can be used for shaving!

The intoxicating scents are from essential oil/phthalate-free, paraben-free fragrance oil blends.

So there you have it, a complete set of CLEAN.  :)

Get yours here


Lavender Bud & Creosote

img_0157These beautiful, all-veg soaps are favorites!  They came about because I have many clients who are ALLERGIC to a couple of the oils traditionally used in all-veg soap making.  My clients requested these soaps made free of the oils that make them itch and I obliged.  These two quickly became favorites!

The lavender buds in this soap are from Red Rock Lavender right here in Arizona and the creosote is wildcrafted right here in Tucson – very often from the bushes in my yard.

This is one of the rare instances when I use the same recipe for more than one soap.  These really are a delight to use – they cleanse without drying.  Get yours here.  Enjoy.

All Veg Options

Hi everyone!

There’s some new items here at Ancestral Herbals.  Vegan-friendly stuff. :) 

Vegan Dandelion Salve – Organic Olive oil double infused with Dandelion flowers, then made into a salve with Candelilla wax and ginger essential oil.

Healing Salve – All Veg – Organic Olive oil infused with St. Johns Wort, Comfrey, Arnica, etc., and made into a salve with Candelilla and a little lavender essential oil.

Vegan Lotion Bar – Smells like chocolate!

Deodorant – vegan friendly.  Currently scented with Organic Lemongrass essential oil, but I’m thinking an unscented version may be in order.🙂  get it here

The new Healing Aloe Cream is also All-veg/Vegan Friendly as it is made with an olive-based emulsifier that is Eco Cert approved for use in Organic Food products.🙂

Check these out on the new Vegan Product page here

As far as soaps go, there are a few all-veg choices available.  They’ll always say “all veg” somewhere in the title or description.  I’m sure you’ll find that the all-veg options are superior!🙂

Eye Cream

This eye cream is based on one from a very popular natural company that has been discontinued. img_0803-1
Enriched with Royal Jelly, olive squalane (your skin absorbs this right away), cholesterol esters and lanosterol esters (your skin absorbs these right away too), frankincense essential oil, collagen peptides, a little aloe vera, vitamin E, and apricot oil.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!  :)  Get yours here.

Gift Cards

You may have realized that we’ve had Gift Certificates available online for sometime.  Well, we now have Gift Cards, too.img_0762

What is the difference?

Gift Certificates are purchased online and either delivered via email for you to send to your recipient OR we can print the certificate up, send it to your recipient for you.  The Gift Certificates are redeemable only ONLINE.

Gift Cards may be purchased in person at any of the markets.  To avoid confusion, they aren’t available for purchase online right now.  Gift Cards can only be redeemed IN PERSON.


The Markets this week. 

Come see us Saturday at the Tucson Organic Gardeners Fair 10-2, St Philips Plaza @ Campbell & River 8-12; and Sunday at St Philips Plaza (Campbell & River) 8-12.  :) img_0584

Healing Aloe and Hemp Cream

The other day, I was explaining the ingredients in this cream to a customer. img_0641

How do you remember all the stuff you’ve put in this?

I made it!

But that explanation really isn’t deep enough. When I get an idea – whether it’s a ‘simple’ soap or a complex cream, it’s always exciting for me. Maybe I should add this, maybe that ingredient.  The intention of the persons who will be using the item is usually behind these ideas. For instance, I have quite a number of customers who are allergic to a very commonly used oil.  I make items just for them.  These products become like people to me.

So, my target with this Aloe cream was to make a cream that nourishes, encourages healing and finishes smooth without an oily feel.  It’s vegan friendly and SO nice.   The Organic Olive oil used in this one is infused with St. John’s Wort, Comfrey root & leaf, arnica, calendula, and echinacea.  Before this cream is made, another infusion is created with the aloe juice – rose buds, lavender buds, calendula, chamomile, rose hips, Willow bark, witch hazel leaf, and green tea.   All the oils are Organic – Hemp, Jojoba, pumpkin seed, flax seed and Olive oil.  This cream is truly a delight to use!

Get yours here 

Healing Lip Balm

Hi everyone!  I have to admit, my motivation for making this lip balm was a little selfish.  Working outside during the summer, I got a little dehydrated a couple of times and my lips got chapped.  Well, I grabbed my favorite lip balm (it starts with a C and ends with an x) – especially at night.  One night my left leg was just screaming in pain and I couldn’t get comfortable.  Used the lip balm and took a look at the ingredients.  Dang.  Seriously.  You put that on your lips and basically eat it – even if you don’t think you eat it, your body absorbs it.  Where do you think it goes?

The thing about people who are chemists and such – they really believe the chemicals they use are the only way to achieve a certain result.  Well, I don’t believe so.  With each product I create to eliminate chemicals from our lives, I am affirmed that my belief about being able to have quality, natural personal care products without toxins IS possible – REALLY – my ingredient lists are pronounce-able and understandable!

At any rate, much like with the original lip balm, this balm has menthol and camphor to stimulate blood flow – this increases healing, but it also gives the lips a nice, natural blush.  This one also has my “healing oil” which is olive oil infused with herbs.  Here’s my ingredient list.

Hand Crafted with Organic Cocoa  Butter, Organic Olive oil meticulously infused with Calendula, Comfrey root, Comfrey leaf, St. Johns Wort, Arnica, and Echinacea,  Beeswax, Lanolin, Organic Hemp Oil, Shea Butter, Camphor, Menthol, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract

Get yours here

Prickly Pears are in season….. :)

Prickly Pear FruitAnyone who’s been up around 4 in the morning looking for something on TV has seen the ad for the super juice made from the fruit of the nopal cactus.  Well, that’s prickly pear.  They grow in my yard.

We pick the fruit with tongs, then burn the spines (spikes! LOL) off with a torch.  Then we put them in a bucket.  Once we’ve got as much as we want or need (depends on what we’re doing), we take the bucket inside.  I don my kevlar gloves – even though we’ve burned the ouchiest parts off them, there can still be little tiny spines that will burrow into the skin – and peel the fruits.   Each one has many tiny black seeds inside.  Those seeds are hard as rocks!   Once the fruits are peeled and seeded, they’re edible.  To me, they taste a little like melon.   I think they make pretty good syrup for our gluten free/grain free pancakes and waffles.  They also seem to make pretty nifty soap!

img_0431Enriched with prickly pear fruit, goat milk, aloe vera, beer, jojoba oil and avocado oil, with a super fat of 7%, this is a super bar of soap.  It also has meadowfoam seed oil and can be used as a solid shampoo.

The fragrance is a blend of phthalate free fragrance and essential oils.  It’s quite a sweet floral, but to us it isn’t cloying.    This is now a zero coconut formula, meaning it will cleanse, but not be too drying.

As always, the colors are obtained with herbs and natural minerals.

  Click here to purchase

This Week’s Markets

Hi Everyone!  This week, Ancestral Herbals is very busy!Bacon Soap

Saturday, we are at Arizona Hops & Vines participating in Bad Decisions 2016 Campout, at Rincon Valley Farmers Market til 1pm, and at St Philips Plaza Farmers Market until noon.

Sunday, we are at St Philips Plaza Farmers Market from 8 am until noon.

See you soon!


Healing Oil

If you’ve ever tried the healing salve, you know how wonderful it is for rashes, burns, etc.

Well, this is the oil that goes into making that salve – it’s more potent.

Olive oil infused with St. John’s Wort, Comfrey, Calendula and others, this is a best seller at the markets.!

.5 oz bottle with reducer – $9.00

2 oz dropper bottle  – $30.00

Get yours here

Lotion Fail

Hi everyone!

There was a batch of lotion where I woefully miscalculated an ingredient. I was working very late at night, was too tired, had a voice in my ear telling me I’d better have EVERYTHING the next day. I unfortunately listened, drove myself too hard and made a mistake.

I stand behind my brand – if I hadn’t been so over-tired, this batch of lotion would never have made it out to the markets that weekend.

There’s a word for this lotion. If you got some of it, you know the word. Let me know you got it or return your bottle and I will replace your lotion.

Have a great day!

So, just what is RSPO Palm?

It’s important to me to know as much as I can about each ingredient that goes into my products.  I research each one pretty meticulously and I’m happy to pass the info on to you!

Palm oil is, frankly, becoming one of my favorite ingredients. I love it as a shortening in certain recipes, too.

But it’s very important to choose carefully when purchasing palm oils. Because unscrupulous people do terrible things in the pursuit of a profit. So, I use ONLY Certified sustainable organic Palm oils (CSPO). It costs more, but in my opinion is worth every penny.

This week’s markets – 7-8-16

Hi everyone! 

I tripped yesterday evening and hurt my foot. Yes, the ‘screwed’ foot. Have been advised to stay off of it for at least a week or until the pain and swelling abate. So, I will miss this week’s markets entirely. 

I seriously don’t want to screw up my screw and end up under the knife (or screwdriver! LOL ) again. 

If you need something, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll do my best to get it to you. 

Have a great weekend! 

At Maynard’s til 8

Scrubby Stix – Sedona

Form meets function in this one.  It’s pretty to look at and smells good!  The design came to me through mixing up an essential oil/fragrance oil blend.  When I smelled it, these colors came to mind.  :)

Not only does it get you clean, it also scrubs the heck out of the ‘sandal foot’ areas, elbows, etc.  The scrubbing action is from super fine pumice and walnut hulls.

This is a coconut-free formula, so it won’t dry the skin excessively.  The colors are created with minerals and herbs – no fear of toxicity!  :)

Get yours here

Castile Soap – liquid body wash/shampoo and bars

So, you think that stuff with ‘Dr.’ in the name is REAL castile soap?



True Castile soap is soap made with olive oil ONLY.  So, while the good Dr.’s soap may be all vegetable oils, all vegetable oil soap does not a castile soap make.🙂  In fact, the ingredients on both the bar and the liquid soap list coconut oil FIRST, meaning that there is more coconut oil in them than the other oils. In both the bar and liquid, olive oil is down in the FIFTH position on the ingredient on the list.

So what?

Well, first of all, coconut oil saponifies into an extremely cleansing soap – in fact the detergent SLS/SLES found in dish detergent and most shampoos is coconut oil based.  That means that here in the Southwest, where we all battle dry skin at some point in our lives (most of us our entire life), the coconut oil isn’t the best idea for cleaning. It strips the top layer of oil off the skin, leaving it vulnerable to the elements.

If you’ve ever visited my booth during a market or event, you’ve no doubt heard me talk about how soap made with coconut oil can be so very drying and how soaps made without coconut oil are so nice and kind to the skin! TRUE castile soap is soap made with Olive Oil ONLY and that is EXACTLY what we have here. Bar soaps and liquid soap made with Olive Oil ONLY. It’s gentle to your skin, easy on your hair and will not dry either out.  I’ve been using  both the True Castile liquid soap and True Castile bar soap as my shampoo on my dry, curly hair and they’ve both performed extremely well – I’ve got to say, I’m impressed with both, but prefer True Castile Liquid in my hair.  I’m so pleased and I believe you will be too.

The True Castile bars are enriched with dandelion leaves and lemongrass essential oil.

True Castile Liquid is unscented. Feel free to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you’d like.

Get yours here.

If you want a liquid soap that is good for laundry, cleaning your house and such, my Super Clean Shreds or Super Clean Liquid soap is the best! Stay tuned for info.

And now I’m getting In Your Hair

What a nifty name for a conditioner, huh?  In Your Hair


Lemongrass, hops, Lemon Balm, chamomile, nettles, burdock, calendula, horsetail, marshmallow, oat straw, and rosemary are infused into fresh, warm water for a time.   Also included are Raw organic Cocoa butter,  organic olive oil, a small amount of castor oil, and Vitamin B-5.

Now, some of the ingredients SOUND scary, but they’re not.  Cetearyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol derived from vegetable oils.  Environmental Working Group has determined that this ingredient is safe in concentrations up to 25% of the product.  In this conditioner, it is much, much less than 5%.   Behentrimonium Methosulfate is an organic compound derived from plant oil and is not on EWG’s restricted or unacceptable list.   It also makes for happy curls if you have them!

The preservative is Eco-Cert approved for use in organic products.

I use this conditioner every day and I have great fear of chemicals in and on my body.  So, if that doesn’t set you at ease any, nothing will.  :)

Get yours here


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