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Wine Soap

Lavender Bud & Creosote

Eye Cream

Prickly Pears are in season….. :)

Skin Loving Avocado

Honey Oatmeal Almond

Lavender Rosemary Herbal Soap

Skin Loving Avocado

Rose Lavender Milk & Silk soap by Intrinsic Alchemist

New (and IMPROVED!) Batch – Rose Lavender

Fresh Batch – Dead Sea Mud Soap

Fresh Batch – Lavender Rosemary Herbal

Avocado Perfection

Sunflower Lavender Silk ‘n Milk

New Batches of Angelic Milk ‘n Silk

Dead Sea Mud Soap

Moonlit Stroll

Rose Lavender

Lavender Rosemary Herbal Soap

Luxurious Avocado Aloe Facial Soap

Dream Angel Silk ‘n Milk Soap