The How

This is just one example of how we utilize ingredients here at Intrinsic Alchemist.

This is a humble little organic lemon.  When lemon juice is called for in a recipe, the first thing I do is grab the microplane, zip off all the zest and set it aside to dry.

011 The lemon is then squeezed through a strainer.  The juice is used in the recipe.  The seeds, pulp and rind are saved in a bag in the freezer.  Once several have accumulated in the freezer bag, they’re run through the food processor until they’re basically mash.  Then this mash is decocted (boiled).  When the mash has given up all the lemon essence there is to give, it is strained out of the liquid.

We use this mash in a couple of different ways.  1.  A half cup full is run down the disposal because it actually helps clean the disposal and the pipes.   2.  Because where we live there are pack rats that can be quite destructive, we spread the lemon mash around areas where we don’t want the rats to hang out.  Citrus doesn’t compost well or we’d compost it.

The beautiful liquid resulting from all this effort is an extremely effective yet gentle exfoliator.  We use it in some products that are still in development at this point.

The zest is saved up and used in soap.

What do you think of this one?

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