Recipes 2

There really are quite a number of reasons to make your own face and body care products.   The first 1000 reasons are summed up in 1 word: chemicals.  Avoid chemicals.  They really aren’t good for the body.  The skin absorbs a lot of what is put on it.  Even though we receive conflicting information about this from ‘conventional wisdom’, it’s apparent they believe so, too, or they wouldn’t be busy putting their drugs into ‘patches’, now, would they?

These recipes, while not always super cheap, will prove to be cost effective over commercial products as well.   Remember that mineral oil is a by product of oil refining and while it’s not super toxic, it is a by product of oil refining.  In short, don’t put stuff on your skin that you wouldn’t eat.  Really.

So far, we’ve got Thieves Oil, Belly Balm and Drawing Salve here

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