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WHY make your own laundry and cleaning products?  Because, by making our own products, we control the ingredients and KNOW for certain exactly what our bodies are being exposed to daily.  In this, our chemical exposure is reduced significantly.  It’s also a significant savings over buying commercial brands.  In many, if not most, of the following recipes, I have provided my cost comparison – this comparison is different for pretty much everyone – it depends on the brand(s) usually purchased,  the cost of supplies used to make the homemade item, etc.

We actually do use these items around our home and in most cases, have for several years now.  

Laundry Powder, Gel & Liquid  

Fabric Softener  

Fabric Refresher  

All Purpose Cleaner  

Soap Scum Buster  

Window Cleaner  

Nana’s Homemade Spray Starch



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