All Purpose Spray Cleaner

APCThere are several All Purpose Spray Cleaner recipes around the net.  I found one I liked several years ago – it only made about 16 oz at a time.  We went through 16 ounces pretty fast around here.  

Not long after, I started making my own liquid soap (for washing dishes, cleaning floors, cupboards & walls and making this all purpose spray cleaner), then I’d make this cleaner up by the gallon and the recipe morphed into what it is today.  

This is what works best for us.  If you find that you need a little more or less of any of the ingredients, by all means, change the recipe to fit your needs.

You’ll need

– 1 gallon jug (I save and re-use vinegar jugs)

– 1/4 cup liquid soap (super Clean liquid is great here) 

– 2 quarts rubbing alcohol (70% is good, I like the 91%) – I get 2 quarts for around $4 at Sams Club 

– Water (distilled is a good idea if you’re able to get it)

– A few drops to a max of 40 drops of essential oil (Optional)


1.  Pour the alcohol into the jug.

2.  Add liquid soap

3. Add no more than 40 drops of essential oil (tea tree, eucalyptus, citrus, lavender – really, pretty much any essential oil or blend of choice) to the alcohol (again, this is OPTIONAL, but essential oils do have antibacterial, antimicrobial and great cleansing properties).  Because I add essential oils to my liquid soap when I make it, I usually only add about 10 to 20 drops of my desired essential oil when I’m making this up.

4.  Swish everything around gently (don’t suds it up).

5.  Fill with water.

Now you can fill your sprayer(s) and clean away.   We use this in our Rubbermaid Reveal (like a swiffer, but the pads are washable and reusable – the bottles are refillable and there’s no throwaway) to clean floors, on countertops, cooktops – really, almost everywhere.   This formula does NOT work well on windows, however.

Cost:  Not bad at about $7.50 per gallon (calculated using Murphy’s Oil Soap in the quart bottle as the soap), but it’s still a lot cheaper than my former favorite (‘formula ###’ which was over $9 for 1/2 gal several years ago – no idea what it costs today) and doesn’t have the toxic chemical profile!  

This recipe is scalable to bigger or smaller batches – just do the math! 🙂

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