Bison Balm – Really Gorgeous – In All Your Glory

In All Your Glory Face Oil

img_1374Read more about it here
1 oz serum pump $25.00  – Buy Now       View Cart
.5 oz dropper bottle $15.00  – Buy Now       View Cart


Really Gorgeous Face Cream
img_1364Read more about it here
2.75 ounce jar $20.00  – Buy Now       View Cart


Read More about Bison Balm and it’s benefits here.

img_2896Bison Balm – Bare (Unscented)
2oz Jar  $18.00     Buy Now

Mr. Bison Balm
2oz Jar  $18.00     Buy Now

Bison Balm – In Your Face
2oz Jar $20.00     Buy Now

Bison Balm – Medicine Woman
2oz Jar  $18.00     Buy Now



Bison Bar
Our luxurious Lotion Bar formula enhanced with local Grass Fed Beef Tallow
Available in 2 sizes:  .80 oz and 2.2oz
img_0370 Small – .8oz twist up  – $5.00 – Buy Now    View Cart
Large – 2.2oz twist up – $10.00 – – Buy Now    View Cart

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