1. How quickly will you ship my order?

In most instances, orders go out the day after they’re placed.

2.  Do you use Essential Oils in your products?

Yes.  Along with all the goodness our soaps and products contain, they usually also contain essential oils.   Although essential oils are all natural and used in low dilutions, not all essential oils are are recommended for pregnant or nursing women, children, or those with some existing medical conditions.  Please research essential oils, their properties, effects and benefits.   There’s a great wealth of information online and it’s just a click away.

3. Will you make a custom batch of soap for me?

Absolutely!  Just head on over to the Custom Order Request page and send an email with the ingredients you’d like to use.  We’ll calculate a price for you.

4. May I purchase an entire loaf of soap?

Absolutely!  They’re often listed, but if there is a soap you love and the ‘loaf’ or ‘batch’ deal isn’t listed, send an email and we’ll work it out!

5.  Will you make products for me to sell under my label?

Yes, head on over to the Wholesale, Formulating & Contract Manufacturing page for more info – if you have more questions, there is a contact form there.

How do you make your soap?

From scratch!  Our soap bars are usually cold processed, liquid soaps and cream soaps are hot processed.

6. Do you use hypoallergenic ingredients?

Please READ the ingredient list on any soap you’re interested in obtaining.  If any soap contains any ingredients that you have had a reaction to in the past, AVOID that soap!  Because there are so many different sensitivities and allergies these days, hardly any ingredient can be listed as truly hypo allergenic.  So, READ the labels – every soap has an ingredient list with it.  If you find one that does not, go to the contact page and send an email about it.

7. Do you use any special ingredients or additives?

Yes – each and every one has a purpose for being there!    These extras make our soaps beautiful and unique.

  –  Raw Wild Silk from used cocoons adds extra amino acids which nourish the skin as well as contributes to the luxurious lather.  It pampers your skin!

  –  Homemade Buttermilk, goat milk, coconut milk, whey and coconut cream – they contribute to the lather of the soap as well as fatty acid, amino acid and probiotic content which is good for your skin.

  –  Earth clays for soothing skin, helping to heal acne, adding “slip” for great shaves, and, of course, beautiful color!  There are many different clays and each one has a special quality it imparts to the soap in which it is included.

  –  Special properties, colors and exfoliants from Mother Earth – clays, herbs & spices, seeds & leaves, cocoa, coffee & teas, beers, minerals & pigments, vegetables from the earth and sea and fresh water algaes…

  –  Scents and medicinal properties from essential oils.

8.  Can I return a soap if I do not like it?

If you do not like a soap that you bought from us, please contact us within 14 days of receipt and we’ll be happy to discuss an exchange or refund.

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