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“After crying to my Sister, about the pain I was in with arthritis in my foot (and not wanting to take injections) she recommended Julee’s pain creme and muscle rub. I was at wits end with the pain and all the money wasted with over the counter products. Having a job that I am on my feet all day, I decided I could not live with this pain and had to do something. I tried Julee’s pain creme (at bedtime) and muscle rub(in the am) and within a few days I was truly amazed with how much relief I got. I am so thankful for these products! Thank you Julee!”  – LD, AZ

“I recently purchased the Dead Sea Mud soap and have been using it for a little over a week now and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy using this product. Initially, I chose this this particular soap to help soothe a rather bad reaction to some cheap sun screen. My pores were clogged and my face was totally broken out. I am happy to say that this mildly fragrant bar rinses away easily and left my face silky smooth. In no time it cleared up the pimples. In fact,I enjoy your low suds product so much, it has replaced the shower gel we normally use. I look forward to trying all of your products!” – JB

“Julee is truly an artistic creative alchemist. Her soap is amazing. I have known her for some years, and have been inspired by many of her other creative endeavors. Now many other may also be inspired as well. She certainly walks her talk. Great looking site filled with treasures. Many Blessings!”  – CC

Esther B. says “I have tried several of these soaps and like every one I’ve tried. Not only do they smell great, they leave my skin so soft I don’t use lotion most of the time. I really like the dog soap. It is so easy to rinse out, leaves a clean smell, and makes the coat so soft, shiny, and easy to comb.”

“These are cleansing, healing, high-quality bars that are a pure Joy to have.  I finally found a soap that makes me feel fresh and lively with many healthy benefits.  I stopped using commercially made soaps that made my skin itch and uncomfortable…I had to use messy lotions to stop the static and the dryness.  Not anymore!  These bars have Natural ingredients and last longer too.  Thanks for an excellent product!” – JD

Kelly L. says “LOVE LOVE LOVE the avocado soap. It makes your face feel squeaky clean without stripping it dry. IT IS AMAZING! “

“Wonderful” – C.D.

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I have had the absolute blessing of trying a variety of the different products that Julee makes. I can’t even pick a favorite because everything is always just amazing. My body hasn’t had this kind of pampering before. My nails are getting stronger, my skin is moisturized without having to reapply product all the time like when using mass produced lotions, not to mention none of the nasty chemicals those hold, and frankly I’m addicted to the smells of the products especially the different soaps. You just can’t get better than these!!

  2. Beautiful website. In my opinion, these fine natural products are good for your skin as they contain no harmful chemicals. In addition, they are soothing, promote relief, better health, and are even healing in nature. I have used them myself and highly recommend them. Dr. Davis Yuma Regional Medical Center

  3. “I have lived in the Southwest most of my life and have always sought out quality skin products. With many years of sun exposure and now going through menopause, I found that nothing was working to moisturize my skin… until I found Julee’s amazing products at the farmer’s market. After trying a few samples I immediately felt quenching relief and purchased the Super Emollient Cream for my body and the TLCream for my face. It is unbelievable how nice my skin feels now with the dryness and itching gone! I love the glow the TLCream gives my complexion. I feel good about using the nourishing, pure ingredients and my skin is continuing to improve. The knowledge and passion that Julee has for her craft is truly a gift!” -JJ

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